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Energy Alignment Healing & Coaching

My signature energy alignment sessions...  

were born from a passion and drive to give my clients all of the best healing techniques that I had worked with, in every single session.

 These are modalities that I know deliver real results, the tools I have personally used to deep dive into my own energy and reveal the root cause of blockages, conditions and limiting patterns, as well as find my true alignment.

Each session comprises of Reiki, Crystal healing and Vibrational sound therapy, coupled with coaching after the healing.

 Although we all share the same energy bodies, chakras and energy highways, how we operate is entirely individual and that is why I prefer to work with my clients on a one to one basis. 

During these sessions it is my aim to not only help heal the issues that clients come with, but to also give them the tools and techniques that are right for them, and a deep understanding of how and why they having been repeating non-productive patterns in life, how to remove them and replace them with new ones, that are in keeping with their highest and greatest good, for a life of empowerment through alignment.

It is my greatest wish that everyone learns to live from a place of love, to evolve to a higher state of consciousness, and this can only be acieved through love. And that begins with each and every one of us, returning to a state of wholeness.


Course of 6 or 12 Sessions  

All new clients must sign up for a minimum of 6 sessions to ensure they get the best possible results that stand the test of time

Breaking the negative habits of a life time doesn't happen over night, but the healing energies of these sessions, coupled with the support and guidance to understand your personal make up, will give you the faith and ability to not only believe in yourself, but to live a life of aligned empowerment.

I'm not here to create a dependancy for me and my sessions, I'm here to help you reconnect to your internal power, to stop you looking outside of yourself for the answers you seek!

Each session is a combination of energy alignment healing and coaching.

Use the calendly booking form at the bottom of the page to schedule a connection call and see if my energy alignment sessions are right for you.

For anyone who wishes a longer a coaching period, or needs to schedule a discovery call out with the times available, please email me to make alternative arrangements laura@lauramorrice.com