Chakra Connections 16 Week Coaching Program

Chakra Connections was born out of a passion for people to align with their Source energy blueprint and to unlock the inner knowledge of their unique energy make up.

It's through understanding you energy and how it operates that you can uncover and release the blockages that are preventing you from living a life of aligned empowerement.  

What You Get...

* Chakra Connection Package

* Daily Worksheets

* 9 Guided Meditations

* 8 weekly zoom lessons

*8 alternate weekly Q&A's

*access to Chakra Connection

 Facebook page (private)

All of this for the amazing price

 of £1111

See what people have to say about Chakra Connections...


I've recently completed Laura's Chakra connection Course and I can't recommend it enough. It's an excellent course as it is well laid out, easy to follow and understand.

Laura takes you through each Chakra week by week via zoom and it always on hand to answer any questions out with each session.

It has certainly helped me identify blockages I have in each chakra and to be work on them with the help of the mediations provided by Laura. In conjunctions with this are the weekly worksheets and zoom calls. As with anything I have previously done with Laura, I have greatly benefited.

The the great thing too, is that I always have the meditations and worksheets to refer back as I when I need to in the future.

I also hope to start Lauras energy alignment coaching this year as I have total faith in her abilities to get the results where they are needed. Laura is a lovely and genuine person to work with.

Nadia Ingram

Client & Course Student


After my energy alignment sessions I have joined Laura’s Chakras course. I absolutely loved it and finally got to understand in a simple way how to recognize unaligned chakras and how to get back into alignment. There is so much knowledge out there online on chakras that it can get overwhelming to read it all and try to put it into practice.

This course with Laura was simple, straightforward yet filled with valuable knowledge on exactly what one needs to know and how to practice it daily! I highly recommend it and being part of the group sessions helped me stay accountable and consistent as alone I probably would not have studied well enough.

Dena Musfer
Client & Course Student



I have just completed Laura's Chakra Connection course and I absolutely loved it. Laura is such a natural teacher and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. I also like that she is so down to earth and nothing is a bother for her. The course is well set out and the content is detailed with each chakra descriptions and meditations and also pages for guidance and your own thoughts. I like the fact that I can go over the course as many times as I feel I need to. I also met some lovely people on the course that made it a lovely experience. I would highly recommend this course. Thank you Laura xx

Christene Fraser

Course Student