Start the greatest journey that you will ever undertake in your life, while at the same time developing the most important releationship you will ever have. 

The journey is one of self discovery, through the alignment of your physical and non-physical energies. The relationship is the one between you and your higher self.

Once you learn to connect with the real you, to feel your energy and read the signs that are constantly being presented, you will begin to experience ease and flow. The missing pieces and sensations of dis-satisfaction will become a distant memory, replaced by a life of purpose and empowerment. 

You simply cannot know who you truly are until you embrace your entire being.

 And you cannot operate at your full potential until you activate your entire being...mind, body and spirit.

 As with all coaching the more you put in, the more you will get out. Coaching is not a passive thing, it does require that you take responsibilty and action for you to get the results you desire.

If you're ready to make one the best investments in yourself ever then...

lets get started!!!

My signature Energy Alignment healing sessions comprise of Reiki, two types of crystal healing and vibrational sound therapy. The combination of these therapies have the power to get to the roots of any resistance, blockages and limiting beliefs/behaviours, so that they can be released. This creates the space needed for a persons true state of being and potential to be realised. Energy healing sessions are essential for anyone who wants to return to and remain in a state of wholeness and they form the backbone of all my sessions.   

See what Some of My Clients Have to Say...

Laura is a naturally kind, caring and understanding person, excellent at reading people and what it is they're trying to express, she immediately connects with their inner emotions which really puts you at ease as you know she can relate to you in a kind but supportive way.  She has a fantastic outlook on life and a positivity that just needs to be tapped in to. Just being in her presence can help someones psychological well-being so much. She helped me to really see the strengths that were already present in me which aided in identifying aspects of myself that are part of my true calling. I thoroughly recommend her and her services.

  Angela Reed Coaching Client
               Amy-Ann Tait    Reiki Client   

Before I met Laura I was unsure of Reiki. I knew there had to be something that could help me in the way I needed. After trying a few different avenues(all of which failed!) a friend  recommended Laura, I was dubious but we had already met and I knew I could trust her. My first session was AMAZING! I went home a believer and felt so thankful for her. I felt so strong, spiritually and energetically, then I started to play with my own energy like a child and now every month I get excited about my treatments with Laura...every time I leave feeling empowered, releasing all of my negative thoughts, fears and blockages. As time has went on the sessions have become more powerful and exciting  and I'm always almost sad when they're over! Laura is a great friend and confidant in which I can completely trust. It's been roughly three years since I started getting treatments from Laura and my life has totally changed. I am more confident in myself, learned how to work with my energy and others and gained the confidence to communicate with Spirit and do it now without fear, in fact I never feel fear or unhappiness now . I have total faith in life and I am truly happy...I can't imagine my life without Laura, my Reiki Master and I can't wait to get started with her coaching programs. 

After attending Laura's meditation workshops for about year I was due to have my 3rd major operation (for protectomy). My two previous operations were quite traumatic, low blood pressure and a fast heart rate were problems during my recovery and I also developed a bad infection in my 9 inch scar. I spent 10 days in hospital after my first 2 operations. Naturally I was apprehensive about my 3rd operation and I had voiced these concerns to Laura. She encouraged me to start meditating in preparation for the operation , to visualise my desired outcome and to believe in myself and my bodies ability to heal. A week before my operation I had a Reiki treatment from Laura and continued with my meditations. Even as I lay on the operating table  getting ready to have my anesthetic I was meditating and then after my operation (unbeknown to me) as the nurse was trying to wake me I said to her that I was still meditating! My recovery period after my 3rd operation was 4 days, my blood pressure and heart rate were stable and my stoma worked straight away, much to the doctors amazement. I was back to work after 3 weeks from leaving hospital, compared with months of recovery after my previous times in hospital. The difference in the healing process was amazing and I put this down to the Reiki and meditation techniques that Laura taught me and supported me with throughout, I wish I'd had this knowledge and encouragement before.

  Karen Peck Reiki Client
Nadia Watt Reiki Student

I had been going to Laura's meditation classes, which I thoroughly enjoyed as she is very skilled at enabling you to relax through her guided meditations. Through going to her classes I found out that Laura was also a Reiki Master. As I had been thinking about doing Reiki for a while I couldn't have thought of a better person to teach it. The two day course was relaxed and well planned. Laura was open and approachable to any questions that I had throughout the two days and her passion for the subject is impressive and awe-inspiring. A very insightful, genuine teacher, who definitely practices what she believes in.