Signposts to Source

It gives me so much pleasure and happiness to introduce you to my debut book "Signposts to Source". Writing a book isn't something that I envisioned myself doing, but the signs and signals from the Universe to write my story became so deafening that I simply couldn't ignore it!

It is my wish that everyone who reads it can find inspiration, to align their energy and begin to live a life of 

empowerment and purpose.  

In this book, you will be transported to various places, both earth bound and other worldly, as you accompany Morrice on a colourful, sometimes wild, often magical, but always purposeful journey of self-discovery and reclamation of personal identity and spiritual growth. From humble beginnings in a small Scottish town, struggling with an alcoholic mother and formative teen years wrought with heroin addiction and an abusive relationship, Morrice digs her way out and back to her life's true purpose by reconnecting with Source energy and an implacable belief in herself and her capacity to be and do better.

With her candid recollections and accompanying no-nonsense pearls of wisdom borne of a life well lived, Morrice reminds us that each and every one of us is capable of transformation. By tapping into the Source energy that flows to and through us, and realising that the path to true love begins with loving ourselves first and foremost, we allow the Laws of the Universe to lead us to where we want to be - we just have to learn to recognise and follow the signs.