Welcome to my world...

from an early age I felt disconnected from what I thought was expected from me. I didn't know what direction my life should take as none of the options that were laid out before me had any appeal and this only added to the confusion I already felt; maybe this is something which you can relate to? There was always this longing to feel a sense of purpose but I never knew how or where to look for it.

Addiction played a huge part in my life. I witnessed first hand a close family member's battle and then at the age of 16 I embarked on a 2 year journey with the affliction myself, something which I knew in my heart wasn't right but I lacked the courage to get out of the situation. It felt like I had gone too far down the rabbit hole to be able to make it out again but I accepted full responsibility for the choice that I'd made and in doing so I was able to find some strength in myself again.

"Taking responsibility for your actions is the first step to taking control of your life"

Then I began my journey into the world of healing. I found out I had a natural ability for massage therapies and also for listening to people and life gently navigated me to discover the paths and the people that would slowly but surely uncover the calling I'd been longing for...but things were still far from plain sailing.

"Life has a funny way of guiding you no matter how many detours you take"

Still I ignored my gut instincts on so many occasions and then would wonder why I still couldn't catch a break; does this sound familiar? How many times have you been untrue to yourself and how has this left you feeling?

After spending 6 years in a relationship that was going nowhere, once again because I lacked the courage to be true to myself, I was at my lowest point ever...YES, even lower than when I was a drug addict! I knew that action had to be taken because the mess that was my life was also my creation. Even though I had a string of enviable job positions including Spa Manager at one of the worlds most exclusive private members clubs, it felt like I had nothing going for me. I was lost and feeling very alone.

finding my way...

It was then that I embarked on a mission of self discovery with the best tools I had; Reiki, crystals and meditation and I've never looked back. During the last 15 years I have developed a greater sense of purpose that continues to grow and enhance every aspect of my life and lifestyle, which in turn lead to a natural progression into passing what I've learned onto others to help them too become the best version of themselves possible. 

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